They grow up so fast!

About 3 and a half weeks ago one of my boyfriend’s dogs, Scout, gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies and they are growing up so fast! I visit them once a week but unfortunately I was unable to last week due to midterms. Today was the first day in 2 weeks that I saw them since my last visit and I just couldn’t believe how big they had gotten! They are almost full grown puppies!! My favorite, whom I have yet to name for fear of getting too attached, is now able to raise his head completely on his own, consistently keep his eyes open, wag his tail (which might I add was non-existant the last time I saw him), make puppy noises such as small barks and grunts, and he’s slowly starting to walk as opposed to crawl as he’s been doing thus far. He is also starting to lose his wrinkles and resemble the appearance of an actual puppy. The cutest thing he has started to do is bite, which might not be so cute after his teeth get bigger. He likes to nibble my finger and when I give him kisses he’ll even kiss back and nibble my lip, its seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever encountered. The only thing is, that now that he is getting older and able to make noises, he starts crying after being away from his mom for a while and doesn’t stop until you put him back in the pen with his brothers and mother. My boyfriend says that as he gets older he’ll get cuter and more annoying (somewhat like humans I suppose) but even so, I just can’t wait for my next visit!




So I guess the internet at my apartment is so ridiculously slow that its incapable of uploading a screencast and I had to go all the way home to upload it onto screencast.com. Verizon is just wonderful isn’t it? So as promised, here is the link to my screencast on AllThingsDogBlog. Enjoy! =)

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Screencast success.

This particular assignment was definitely my favorite due to how easy it was to accomplish. It was also enjoyable to create because I was able to talk about and navigate through a blog I found interesting. With this assignment I did not have to watch a tutorial on how to operate Jing which was a change from every other assignment. I chose to do the screencast on the blog, AllThingsDogBlog, because it relates to my theme of the furry four-legged creatures. I surprisingly accomplished the screencast within one take which was pretty surprising seeing as how it took me about five or six takes to complete my podcast. Also, my podcast recording sounded very rehearsed because I had written a script and just read off of it but for the screencast I improvised and feel as though it sounded a lot more natural and flowed well. All in all I found this assignment pretty simple and straightforward which was a nice change from all our previous tasks for this class.

I think the skill for creating screencasts will come in handy for those who are creating tutorials such as the wordpress tutorials by Aaron Trammell. It is much easier for a person to learn how to do something when they can actually see the process as opposed to just having verbal instructions. Screencasted web tutorials are perfect for teaching people how to navigate different programs online. The wordpress tutorials by Aaron helped me out a great deal so I can only imagine how useful it would be for a person who is trying to learn how to use photoshop or autocad.

I cannot think of any instances where a screencast would be useful to something relating to dogs but I’m sure that there are many other processes where a screencast would be helpful.

My screen cast does not seem to be uploading so as soon as it does I’ll be sure to post a link so you guys can take a look =)

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Podcast difficulties.

Creating my podcast was quite an experience. I knew from the start that I wanted to use garage band because I have some positive experience with iMovie. The set up for garage band is quite similar to iMovie so recording my voice and importing the two different songs into my podcast was pretty simple once I got the hang of garage band. The only thing that gave me some trouble was altering the sound levels of each individual song and recording. At first I thought that I was only able to alter the master volume of the mp3 which did not enable me to speak with a music bed under my voice. However, after playing around with it a bit I figured out how to change the volume and fading of each individual song and recording and I was able to finish my mp3.

After I had my finished product I went on to upload my mp3 onto sound cloud which I had to make an account for but once I hit “upload and share” I received an email from sound cloud claiming that the website was unable to complete my upload because some of my content turned out to copyrighted. After coming to class I learned that I can upload my file onto Google Drive and share my mp3 that way.

I think my file is pretty well made with the fading in and out of songs. I used “Who let the dogs out” by Baja Men and “Dog days are over” by Florence and the Machine for my two songs because they seemed pretty fitting with the rest of my content. I was kind of unsure about what to say during my podcast so it sounds a bit awkward but besides that I am pretty pleased with the end result and hope you guys enjoy listening to it!

Here’s a link to my podcast.